Last Day

Well it’s finally here… my last day of vacation. I know I cannot complain in the least bit since I have been off since July 15, but I am entitled to be a little meloncholy aren’t I? There are just too many things that happened this summer – It’s probably why I am so sad, sigh, it’s just too good to last.

Among the many things I did here are a few notables:
1) Honduras: for 10 days at the end of June, I traveled with two of my collegues to El Progresso, Honduras for a Secondary Education Conference. While there we visited many places including a nutrition center called Glasso De Leche, a Maquila (sweatshop) for the Fruit of the Loom brand, the beautiful Mayan ruins at Copan, and a orphranage called Comprome. I promise to post pictures soon as well as some excerpts from my journals while I was there.

2) Belmar: yes it was only one short overnight vacation, but it certainly rivals any other sh&tshow all nighter that I have been apart of. Thank you Dana, Julie, Melissa and Marianne for a summer beach weekend who’s highlights include: Narnia, Julie’s Handbag, Dunkin Donuts, Belmar PD, Late Night Dance Party, a Waterlogged Aerobed, and Shark Bites. (don’t you know Pump It Up)

3) Boston: Of course no summer would be complete with out a road trip. Let’s be honest, no one but myself and Torry can do as much damage as we did on Newbury St. (or at least I know I did some damage). Two nights of good Boston fun in the Fanuil Hall area was more than I could ask. Not to mention seeing Katie, BE, Rin, Keri, Mel and of course TK. Makes me want one more year of BC!

4) LBI: Although the weather made it practically impossible to sit on the beach, it was one of the best times I had there. Mom, Pops and Mr. & Mrs. A, plus a bonus night with Melissa, made that first week in August so relaxing.

5) Happy B-Day Jimmy! What started out to be a botched surprise (sorry) turned into a fabulous birthday fiesta. How can you beat a $22 split bill, including 3 margaritas (I love Jose Tejas!). I did get one surprise over Jim, conspiring with his mom I obtained a 6 year old picture of him and made it into a huge poster for people to sign. With a late night rendevous at Dippers in Hoboken – I enjoyed hearing the drunk newly 25 year old confess at the end of the night, “this was way better than a surprise party.”

Soon to be #6: The pinnacle event of the summer – the Assile B-B-Q. Honestly, can you feel now why I am so glum?

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