1st Day Back

Going back to work after a month off is no easy task. I consider it to be worse than working all year round and taking a few days here and there. It’s practically a whole lifestyle change. But even as I say those words I would not trade my job for anything in the world. Of course this morning I woke with pure adrenilan eager to get to work to see all my collegues. But that moment of putting the key in the lock of my office door, turning it and hearing it click open I felt this overwhelming sense of, “where the F did my summer go?” I flipped on the lights to my office and took a quick look around – it was like I never left.

Of course parents and students never fully realize or care that it takes about a day to “start the engines”. I had 25 messages on my voicemail, half hang ups. I had two unannounced, no appointment drop bys. I declined to speak to the first and gave in on the second. Who do these people think they are?? We just freakin’ opened! And all day my mind wandered to emailing, finding some new yarn to knit with or obsessing over a new camera to buy.

I ended up giving in to one of my jones by leaving work “on time” and going to a LYS (local yarn store for all you non-knitter types). It was Handknits in Englewood, formerly of Hoboken – a fact that I just found out! It was pretty cool. I mean there were more yarns there than I could even consider using. I ended up buying two skeins of yarn for a case I am looking to make for my laptop.

Now, I consider myself a novice knitter. I get all nervous and embarrased when more experience knitters ask me about ‘big knitting things’. The nice woman who works there was asking me all these different questions about the laptop case project, giving me advice on different yarns to use. All I wanted was to get the ones that they asked for in the pattern. I just don’t feel like I’m quite there yet – to subsitute yarns or create things on my own – I’m a simple pattern girl (at least for now). I, a person who embodys the definition of extrovert, became a bit shy at all the Big knitting questioning. I just wanted to say, “enough lady, just give me my yarns and let me leave!”. It’s been about a year and a half since I taught myself how to knit and I am giving myself until the whole two years to be plain and simple.

It’s just the way I roll.

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