When the sh#t hits the show

Is it possible to party more than you did when you were in college? Why yes, It’s called your mid-twenties. It’s the time when maturity hasn’t quite hit yet even when you keep promising yourself that you’ll grow up soon. But the promise seems to take a backseat to things like Happy Hour and 3am dance parties.

Dana’s House has always been a venue of parties during my formative high school years. As well as a few cameo apperances during the summers between college. As I enter into Young Adulthood (HA!) it’s managed to squeeze it’s place in there.

It all started with two kegs and a greased watermelon. Tack on one more keg, 3 24-packs, a boob cake, jump-dive-or-twist, frisbeer, beruit, a pinata, ADT, and your A game you can pretty much find yourself in every corner of the house probably spooning with someone. (yes even under the ping pong table). And while your early morning beer buzz mixes with the reality of cleaning up you can rest assured that yes you’re probably going to party this hard next weekend although you may promise yourself again that you’re not going to.

Many thanks to the hostess and I’m looking forward to the pix, which I promise to post as soon as I get them.


Later that Sunday…

After going to watch the Yanks lose (again) and visiting some friends – the night finally ended with a little Entourage. Just as the show ended, Ari (J. Piven) was pleading with Eric to send Vince to a brainwasher because he thought he was going to end his career because of Mandy Moore. While explaining the brainwashers success with his wife’s sister, he proclaims, “she a pilates instructor in Tenafly!” After doing some research he did indeed shoutout my hometown on HBO.

Here’s to the Dirty Jerz. Much love.

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