The DMV and then some

Quite honestly I hate licences. For the longest time after my 21st birthday I have been denied from many a bar because I didn’t have sufficient “Back Up” – the bain of my exhistance was that I had a tainted licence. It was a “dup”. It pained me to see my friends try to make me feel better by saying, “don’t worry about it” but then hearing them call friends to inform them of the changed plans and giving the lothed reason, “Oh because Margaux didn’t get in.” I even had a friend almost knock the block of a bouncer because of the stupid “Back Up” outrageousness. All of which increased my anxiety each time I would walk up to that 6’1, 250 lb. dude at the door. I felt as if I was a 15 year old with her big sister’s ID.

So today i’ve finally closed the chapter on that bar waiting line anxiety. I got myself a brand spanking new NJ Licence. 8am on the nose at the DMV, and at 8:15 I was out in my Jetta ready to break that sucker in. Too bad my car wasn’t on the same page as me. All week I have been driving my mom’s huge Land Rover while my precious Jetta was in the shop having the equivalent of open heart surgery. After about a week later I finally was sitting behind the wheel when the car just decided to give way again. I love that moment of disbelief, when your mind can only way the words: “are you sh#tting me?”

Luckily for me, this wasn’t going to be an all day delay. AAA came within 15 mintues of me calling them and I was back on Rt. 3 fighting traffic in no time.

So now I’m back at my quaint little Hoboken apartment deciding how to best spend the first day of my 4 day weekend. I’m knitting a sweater for my brother (let’s hope it fits). I wanted to post pictures of my work in progress but my digital isn’t working these days. Which is why I claim I need a new one for my birthday!! (Please!) I digress. Anyway, the sweater is growing but so time consuming and it’s too nice out! These 4 days are what I call the calm before the storm. School is in Full Steam Ahead next week and there’s no stopping it… I should enjoy the peace while it lasts.


Speaking of a Storm…

I was talking briefly to my friend from college the other night. The first thing she said to me was, “what is going on in our world.” New Orleans, a once vibrant city, is now in shambles with it’s poorest citizens stranded and desperate. I cannot bare to put on the tv to see the choas that is going on downthere, but nor to I choose to ignore it. The best thing we all can do is pray and give what we can to the relief fund. If it means no happier hour for me this weekend – then so be it. Give what you can.

American Red Cross:

Much Love,

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