4th Quater Woes and Pirate Talk

I’m here! I’m here!

I promise I won’t neglect you as long as I have in these past few weeks. (all ONE of you). Anyway, I guess I didn’t anticipate how busy those first few weeks of school were going to be. Then again, what else can you expect when you go from vacation to work cold turkey. I should create an “ease back into work” patch. It’s hard enough going back to work on a Monday after a crazy weekend then a full two months debauchery to another 10 months of work. Is there anyone out there that can relate?

I also confess that I suffer from writers block at times. So this is my first attempt to get out of that one.

I was up in Boston the home of my alma mater, Boston College, this weekend. I went to see the good ol’ Eagles play their first game in the ACC conference. This game was supposed to be the start of something Huge. Everything that surrounded the game certainly was. The season ticket alone was 3xs the size of a normal ticket and it featured the top players on the team and the coach superimposed in front of the skyline of Boston. The campus before hand was crowded with more people that I have ever seen. College Gameday was taping live in the Dustbowl. Fans pouring in from all over the country to make this historical game. It was as if Jesus himself was on the team. But it would have taken more than the big JC to pull this badboy off.

The Tailgate:

The Busch Light was free flowing on that Chestnut Hill campus late Saturday afternoon – I would have drank more of it if it wasn’t for those 3 mimosas I had at 11:30am as well as the keg I was nursing from 12 to 4. I do practice moderation you know. Trying to find people you knew on Shea Field was harder than

The Game:
When I entered the game about 6 minutes into the first quarter we were already down 14-0 to Florida State. You cannot mention that football team without hearing either a “Ohhh or Ahhh”. My boys came back with a quick interception and a good offensive drive to make it 17-14 – which frankly suprised the buzz out of me. We were winning!! Holy Shit. Now, perhaps this is from my high school basketball experience of always losing to that One-Team-I-Hate-So-Much-That-Always-Won-No-Matter-What (except that one GLORIOUS time which I’ll share later!) – but I immediately thought, “How are we going to blow this one??” Well the 2nd and 3rd quarter ended and the unbelieveable was happening, we were beating Florida State… but there’s always a 4th Quarter. Sometime at the end of the 3rd the big Stud BC quarterback Porter got hurt and the poor I’ve-been-sitting-on-the-bench Backup QB, Matt Ryan got in the game. Talk about doing a #2 in your pants. His first throw was an interception, which eventually led to FSU gaining the lead with a quick touchdown. 21-17 – OK, we can still do this… but then there was the punt, which was blocked, and then THAT was also turned into a touchdown. 28-17. God damn you FSU.

My boyfriend who would root for practically anyone other than BC was actually upset by their loss. Apparently he despises FSU a weee bit more.

But alas perhaps that is what BC does so well, get your hopes up. I’m sure my brother would say that is typical, they start off slow, get you thinking that they’re actually pretty good, then all of a sudden: choke.

Then again, I still love my team no matter what the outcome – which I guess seperates us ‘die-hard’ fans for those who just like win…. so I’ll take the choke because in the end it builds better character.


Did you know Today was Talk Like A Pirate Day? Who makes this stuff up? AARRUGH.

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