Quiet Weekend

I just took a Quiz called What John Hughes Character are you and this is what I am:

You are Clark Griswold!
You are Clark Griswold (from National Lampoon’s
Vacation)! You’re full of optimism and
boundless energy, and no one loves a good
family trip more. No one else can swear a blue
streak like you either, Sparky!

Which John Hughes Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Tonight I am going to see Elton John with my two wonderful parents. I can only imagine that we will all be singing along at the top of our lungs to Tiny Dancer. My mother is meeting me at my apartment and together we’re going to travel via the Path to Madision Square Garden. I can’t remember the last time I rode public transportation with my mom. I may need to make a mental note of this trip.

Besides the concert, my weekend is actually event free. Now normally I would be very excited about this, and quite frankly part of me is, BUT it would be kinda nice if Someone was around – just incase. But alas with boyfriends (Yea!) and trips I am here to have quality Margaux time. Which brings me to my hobbies… knitting, sleeping and maybe JUST maybe I will take out my camera and actually shoot a few frames this weekend – wouldn’t that be nice??

I am Almost Done with my brother’s sweater, I’m in the process of sewing it together… the body looks great – it’s the sleeves I’m slightly worried about. I went onto Amazon.com to read reviews about the knitting book I was working from and about 4 out of 5 of them were VERY negitive! Saying that the patterns don’t match the end result and that the author is simply full of herself, etc. Now I am No Where Near even being considered to be an experienced knitter – i just like to wing it most of the time which I know is VERY BAD. But I’m excellent at following directions – which is another reason why I believe I make excellent brownies – (batter, eggs, oil, water, mix – DONE), so I figure this pattern will be cake (no pun intended)… only it’s the first time I’ve ever knitted a sweater and well let’s just say I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

So by the end of my non-eventful weekend I should have One finished sweater… I already have yarn for a new sweater project, Plus I’d like to get more yarn for a laptop case I had casted on for way on way back when.

What’s on my knitting wish list:
1. Poncho
2. Blanket
3. Cardigan
4. Socks

I will concur each one at a time and probably within the next 5 years…

I had to go on two school visits for my job today. The first one went pretty well. I had to talk to 50 13-14 year old’s about the school I work at.

It’s in these moments that I realize how well my job really does fit me. I pretty much hammed up the presentation and got them laughing a bit but also brought in the serious Sell. I love how I study the hard facts like SAT averages and Teacher/Student Ratios but all they want to know is when the freakin’ school starts and end, like that 45 minutes they get in the afternoon will really make or break the deal. The students I truly don’t mind as much doing this job it’s the parents that intimidate the crap out of me. Everytime I reach out my to shake hands with a parent the first thought that jumps into my head is, “they probably think I’m too young for this job.” And most of them come out with a, “Oh you sound much older on the phone” or ” you look just like one of the students!”, in which I reply, “Oh actually I’m about 45 years old but you would never know because I’m a faithful follower of Botox” which always gets them rolling on the floor. But honestly, I does bother me. I certainly don’t want to rush things… I like my youthful state but I can’t wait until the day when I finally feel that I am “old enough”.

I wish I had Tivo.

If you asked anyone of my friends they would probably tell you that I watch way too much TV. PLUS, on top of that when I am watching something I’m truly interested in I will zone Everything Out – it’s like I have TV ADD. But when you have such quality shows on this fall it’s kinda hard to turn it off.

First on Pena’s Fall Must Watch List: LOST
I end up either punching my couch or my boyfriend’s arm at the end of each episode when that “Waaaah” sound comes on because it’s most likely that they’ve left you with yet another 1,000,000 questions that need to be answered. All the characters are so dynamic and the way they write the plot reminds me of books and movies like Memento and The Time Traveler’s Wife. You keep piecing things together but it’s always a “never is what it seems” kind of thing.

I am a super fan of Jack. What a huge come back from Matthew Fox… I mean Party of 5, what?

Prisonbreak: Hi, my name is I-want-Wentworth-Miller. Is it normal to truly have a teenager-like crush on a celeb like I do nearing my 25th birthday? Besides the Eye Candy this is another one of my new season fav shows… but the big question is, “So, um, when they break out uhhh will the show end?”

Grey’s Anatomy: Talk about a last minute bombshell, “so you’re the doctor sleeping with my husband.” uh oh. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out…

HOUSE: although the scenes when they go through the body are kinda grotesque, I do enjoy how Dr. House is just smarter than any human, period.

With a few cameos by some old favorite shows like Smallville and Family Guy I feel like this will be a wonderful Couch Potato season.

Someone save my life tonight!


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