Something’s Missing

This whole blogging thing is still quite new to me. I feel like when you tell people you have a Blog they mostly go, “oh… uh huh. ok.” Even I think it’s kinda funny – but I’m liking it more and more. Which lead me to do some research. I was poking around at other blogs to get a few ideas and I have just come to realize what a huge sub-culture this whole thing really is. I mean there are whole communities of people with blogs and they know one another, send them things, probably consider naming their children after them. It’s pretty intense!

With that said, I’m kinda intimidated about putting this blog more “out there.” Frankly, I think there are one or two people that actually read it – and if you do leave me a comment, it’s nice to know you’re out there!! Even if it is, “you stink”. Just to know that someone cares…

So I didn’t take many pictures – wait scratch that – I didn’t take ANY pictures this weekend and I feel slightly guilty about that since Saturday was the most Gorgeous Day Ever! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have any one to spend it with. I did not let that get me down though and I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw and sat at a outdoor resturant feeling good being on my own. The weather was cool in the shade but warm in the sun. The sky was so clear and fantastically blue. It was perfect. Now I’ve been living in this wonderful mini-city for a little over 5 months and finally went to the outdoor waterfront park. So beautiful! I am ashamed I haven’t been there before!

During my walk I went by Patricia’s Yarns. She is fantastic. I get all embarrased when I go to these small LYS because mostly I just want to poke around and look at all the yarns with no aim in sight. But Saturday I had a question about Gauge. I’m beginning to knit my mom a cardigan and the gauge was way off. I was using the proper yarn and everything but my stiches were just too big. I’m knitting her the Blanket Cardigan from Sarah Dallas’ Knitting. Yet another book that got “bad reviews”. But since I still consider myself a beginner knitter – I loved it. The simplicity in design is what attracted me to it. I don’t like the fluff. Give me something classic and sophistcated to knit. Anyway, Patricia hooked me up with smaller needles and so far so good the back is coming out nicely.

I don’t have much time to knit this week – I have back to back High School Information Nights to do – talk about tired mornings! But that is what September is, the big Sell.

Tonight is Prisonbreak. Yum.

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