After approximately 3 weeks, I have finally gotten my car out of the shop!  I cannot tell you what a wonderful moment this is for me.  I might tear up.  I seriously thought at one point that I just wasn’t going to get it back that I’d have to drive that darn loner forEVER.  But thankfully that is not the case. 

So happily I can look out my apartment window and see my nice shiny silver Jetta parked across the street like it should be!

I am making some leeway with my mom’s cardigan sweater. I truly like the way it’s coming out and I think after this project I am going to be a Super Pro at the Stockinette Stitch. But I have a feeling it’s going to take me Forever to finish it… I’m hoping it will be ready for Christmas, but I’m knitting it on Size 5 needles… and well I must be dedicated.  I haven’t done anything daring with my knitting just yet and my next project I’m hoping to do some lace or a funky pattern… we’ll see. 

I’m also piecing together my brother’s sweater which I have this distinct fear that he’s going to some how get a huge pull in it the first time he wears it and then all of my work will be for nothing!!  If you’re reading this: just be delicate, Andrew.

I still get the funniest looks and reactions from people when I tell them I knit! They think it’s so "grandma" and well that’s just fine with me because my Grandmother is the greatest woman alive.  Plus, my mother used to make her own clothes when she was younger and I guess this is my version of doing just that.

It’s just one of my many hobbies.  There used to be a time when I was obssessed with making beaded jewelry and I did make one kick-ass necklace during my finals week in college. I still wear it. 

I promise to post more pictures once my digital gets back together… This site needs some spice.

Anyway, drop me a line! I probably super boring and I apologize for that…

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