Pleasant Surprises

I’m still trying to take in my weekend.  It was one of those surreal moments where you realize that you have THE BEST FREAKIN FRIENDS IN THE WORLD. 

Despite the fact that I had a huge professional weekend with the Open House at my school, I managed to thoroughly enjoy myself at my joint surprise party!  My best friend Julie and I have birthdays that are one day apart so each year we celebrate together.  We both sent out an Evite for a big party for next weekend – which is still on! – so we both had NO CLUE about this ‘other’ party that was going on.  I give huge credit to our girlfriends who managed to Pull This Off Perfectly.

We started out the evening at a place nicknamed "China Beer".  It’s a quaint Chinese food place in midtown that serves Chinese food and all you can drink beer for two hours for just $20.  What a classy way to start your evening.  While eating dinner Julie and I were calling our respective boys and neither were picking up – which made us suspicious a bit – but more concerned that they were being bums and not coming out…

A short cab ride later we were standing in front of a bar called Uncle Ming’s.  Once inside all our friends and one sumg boyfriend emerged from the bar and my friend Dana casually turns to us and says, "welcome to your surprise party!".  It took me about 5 minutes before I was balling like a little girl. I guess 3 pitchers of beer at dinner will do that to you.

Sunday came and went and I managed to make it through my Open House with a whole lot of water and two Advil. All my co-workers found it amusing that I was hungover on such a huge day at my school. 

I haven’t done much knitting this weekend but plan to get a big chunk of my mom’s sweater done this week – this Rowan yarn is so small though that I feel like it’s going to take me FOREVER.  Now I know why people only knit for Very Special persons/close ones in their life because of the HOURS of time to make those little loops into fabric.

Tonight is Prisonbreak.  Wentworth Miller was on the cover of the TV Guide this week.  He’s a smart (Princeton), sexy (HELLO), mulitracial babe. 

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