Getting back

Does anyone else feel happy and enormously calm when you clean and tidy up?  My mom used to preach that to me when I was younger.  My room at the time had clothes all over the floor, boxes of stationary cluttering the tops of my dresser and dust pretty much covering everything.  She would scoff at me when she entered saying, "I just don’t understand how you can live like this."  I would just shrug my shoulders and smile at her.  It just seemed "organized" to me.

As I come closer to reaching the quater century year of my life I realize how much I’ve changed since I was 15 in that cluttered room…  now I can’t stand it.  I have been living in my first apartment since April and I have been a cleaning FIEND.  I can’t quite peg this turn over, but I know now what my mom had been talking about.  Things just feel better when they’re clean and tidy.  It just makes me calmer. 

Same said with my office!  This morning my desk was CHAOS.  Papers and folders everywhere, boxes piled in corners, books and pamphlets on tables and pens everywhere.  How’s a girl to get a job done with all this mess?  After a pretty hectic morning I began to slowly put the pieces all back in order. 

By the end of the day my office was so nice and organized – it feels so silly but  I really felt refreshed and productive!  I wonder if getting all that exterior stuff tidy and organzied is really just a symbolic action that helps put your interior stuff tidy and organized. 

I know that this morning I was still recovering from my long and wonderful weekend and feeling quite a bit overwhelmed at what I have to get done with my job, but slowly throughout the day I was getting back to me. 

As I sit here, I’m feeling good, like I’ve finally put a handle on things.  I keep my sights set on my day off on Friday, telling myself if i just work a little bit harder this week that my reward awaits.

Now too bad I won’t go to the gym.
I mean why go work up a sweat when there’s other things to do like:
1. watching prisonbreak
2. see the Yankees beat the Angels tonight!
3. knit, of course
4. Napping
5. Preview every movie on HBO

I also feel like I need to give myself a good day in advance of Psych-up in order to go running.  I can’t just spring it on myself… i need to build it up. Saying "YOU are going to work out tomorrow," enough times that I will hopefully convince myself. Until then I’ll just sit here and soak up the glorious and cool October afternoon.

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