Gonna Make it

One of my all time favorite movies is Three Amigos for several fabulous reasons (just to name a few).
1. I j’adore Chevy Chase (Dusty Bottoms) and Steve Martin (Lucky Day) and don’t they look great in Mexican Mariachi garb.
2. I enjoy quoting that I have a "Plethora of Pinatas" any chance I can get.
3. Singing "My Little Buttercup" never fails to put a smile on my face.
4. I used to do their little dance when I was younger and only until recently realize that their little cough and groin shove at the end was just a wee bit inappropriate (Also reminds me of the time in 7th grade when I realized Wayne’s World "schwing" wasn’t just a cool word to say.)

Why am I thinking of this dear comedic hit today? Mostly likely because I caught it on rotation on HBO.  But honestly it’s because that scene of Martin locked in the jail cell chanting, "gonna make it, gonna make it, gonna make it" has been my personal mantra this week.

I’m treating myself to a Four Day Weekend in honor of my birthday and this week of work is certainly making me pay for it.  A jillion voicemails and emails, random appointments and god awful data entry. But that’s OK, I’m "gonna make it" – I have my non-surprise birthday party to look forward to! 

I also cannot wait to wake up late on Friday, grab my knitting needles and let my fingers fly for a while.  I’m not the fastest knitter in the world so this project is going slow but it’s coming out so pretty.  I promise pictures soon!  I stopped by my favorite LYS in Hoboken, Patricia’s Yarns, the other day to get some gauge help.  She’s so approachable and nice – plus she’s got a great selection of Rowan and Manos yarns.  I know I picked a great apartment when I discovered that this shop was less than a block away!  Glorious!

I am also supposed to go golfing with my pops for the first time ever Friday afternoon.  I have my own set of clubs which I’ve only used a handful of times at driving ranges.    The closest thing I’ve come to playing a full 18 hole round of golf is at my apartment playing my boyfriend in PS2’s Tiger Woods PGA game. If my thumbs could do all the playing I’d be out on the LPGA tour.

I’m hoping they will just let me drive the cart around.

One thought on “Gonna Make it

  1. Katie says:

    hey girl-
    so sorry i missed the fiesta, sounds like you had a blast! cant believe your car was gone for 3 weeks too! i just got mine back yesterday, what a freaking relief. i ran over a drive shaft and then the dealership has been screwing with my dad and i, so it hasnt been the smoothest recovery for my sedan. . . hopefully she will keep moving and we will get back to our normal days together. hope you are well! we should talk soon about steph’s visit and everything else! byyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    ps. i read your blog all the time.


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