I am Tiger Woods

Hello Weekend!

It’s approximately a quarter to 4 and I am offically on vacation! (albet a mini one) I nearly skipped all the way to my car! I am not sure I can take the fabulousness of not having to get up early tomorrow morning. 
I will however be getting up at a resonable hour in order to go to the driving range with my pops.

I am golfing for the very very first time tomorrow.  Tee time at 2:30pm.  Apparently according to my father this may or may not give us enough time to play a full 18 holes.  Considering I haven’t even played one, I’d say that’s pretty damn alright by me.  I’m slightly scared/intrigued by this whole Golf adventure.  I mean it is Golf we’re talking about here.

If ever my brother or I saw golf on TV we would switch the channel faster than we could blink.  It was such a boooooooring game to us.  We were basketball and baseball players in our household. Real Sports Athletes here!  Golf had dust settling into ever fairway and bunker.  It just wasn’t exciting enough for us.  We wanted Slam Dunks and Grand Slams!

But then we were introduced to a handsome young man named Tiger.  Maybe it was his huge teethy smile, or his really cute tiger club cover, or perhaps his unbelieveable talent that made us give golf a chance.  Nowadays you can find me actually giving a crap who’s leading the British Open or you can hear my mom yell "OH!" when Tiger near-misses a put, just like she would when Jeter would make a fantastic throw to first.  Golf has managed to make  a place in the Pena home.

The icing on the cake was going to the practice round at the PGA Championship at Balthusrol, NJ.  I screamed like a school girl when I finally got to see Tiger up close and personal.  He was wearing black pants and a yellow collared shirt.  He seemed focused and calm, like a guy who was just a regular nobody just shooting a quick round of golf.  When he stepped into the driving box and glanced down the fairway all the spectators waited patiently for him to drive.  Bang!  300 yards later and dumbfounded.

I also saw another person fav: Phil Michelson!  He’s my favorite lefty! I forgot to mention before that although I write and pretty much do everything else righty – my batting stance and for that matter golf stance is lefty.  Thanks Popi!

So tomorrow, us Leftys have to take on my friend Mary and her dad at the Ridgewood Country Club.  It ain’t going to be pretty.  But then again there’s no other way I’d want to spend my day than pretending with my dad that we are Tiger Woods.

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