No Golf, Just Rain

Ok, so remember how I was going to tell Everyone how I played like Tiger Woods today???
Well, I guess Mother Nature had another idea. Sadly, the rain kept my father and I from playing my very first round of golf. Although I was truly bummed, I was also kinda happy because I really do STINK at Golf.  This will give me a little bit more time to practice before I truly have to step out onto the fairway.

But even though we couldn’t play I had one of those nice father/daughter bonding days.  We started off going to breakfast at a great pancake place called Stacks in Rutherford.  I indulged in the sliver dollar pancakes while he got the corned beef hash and eggs.  We’re hearty breakfast eaters. Just you wait for Sunday french toast breakfast… soo good.

After that what was supposed to be an all day shopping event turned into a Oops-I-never-got-my-inspection-sticker-renewed event. 

Yeah, that little square that sits in the lower left hand corner of your car needs to be renewed every two years.  There was a nice big 8 in the middle and this year’s date sprawled across the top.  Silly me, that means it expired in August.  And yes it’s October.
I guess a ticket for something like that is oh about $150 big ones!  HA! I cannot believe I didn’t get pulled over for that – I even had asked a cop for directions the week before and nothing!

So after waiting a couple of hours for that to get fixed we finally got on the road to best buy to get me a brand spanking new camera!
I’m so pumped! I can finally put more pics up here on my Blog!

Will start tomorrow once I figure out how to do it… haha

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