It just won’t stop raining. It’s been pouring since Saturday and everything is WET. We have two garbage cans outside of our front door that keep tipping over and spilling their bounty under our front door.  I have a feeling soon we’ll have some swamp friends to come and visit!

I mean look at the view outside my front window:


You can barely see outside!  Plus, hmm I should be drinking up my wine šŸ˜‰

I got out of work "early" today – which is actually the time it says my day is over on my contract.  It’s a rare day that I can actually pull that one off but this rain has kept me from being anything but productive.  I just felt that I could stare straight at my home computer rather than my work one.

I’ve also got an itch to finish what I started.  I’m pretty new to this blogging site thingamabobby but am doing my best to try to make some new friends on this thing – not to mention amuse the friends I’ve already got! Hello out there!  So the one blog that got me started on this kick, whether she knows it or not is Cara over at januaryone.com, and she just finished a beeeeautiful cardigan!

I am now pumped to finish my mom’s blanket cardigan.  It’s coming out slowly but here’s a few picks of the almost finished back.


I’m hoping I finish it soon. There so so many other things I want to start. 


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