What’s in a Name

The rain has caused pretty much every part of me to become a lazy beast.  At work I’ve resorted to reading other people’s blogs and google-ing.  On one such occasion I googled my own precious name: Margaux.

Not only am I a famous French wine but:

  1. A teen book on Amazon (please read the summary! ha!)
  2. A fancy resturant in Raleigh, NJ (just love that mood music)
  3. A formula-one company (what ever that means…)
  4. A french town!! (probably where the french wine is made….)
  5. And one very interesting Blog title…

I used to think that my name was rediculously unique.  There were no cute little licence plates or keychains to be found at any tourist destination I visited.  And more often than not when I go to a resturant the -aux is the last choice of spelling when I get my name jotted down, they always go for the -ot!  I mean, I can’t stand Margot! Sorry my other OTers… but no.  And I always get that person who is reading it off a list somewhere and they slowly start off saying, "Maarrr, wait how do you say this?"

"No, really? That’s cool. Are you french?"
"No."  (long explination follows about how I was named after my grandmother Margarita…)

Vicious Cycle
To gym or not to gym, that is the question.  Going to the gym will make me less tired but I’m too tired to go to the gym… oh the paradox!  I can’t even guilt myself into going.  It’s the freakin’ rain.  Yes! I will blame in on the rain, yeah yeah.  Ahh Vanilli where are you?

Boy this was pretty damn random today…

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