Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head


I just love my green umbrella! It’s gotten a lot of usage this week, probably more than it thought. Poor thing was just sitting all nice, minding it’s own business, then WHAM! It decides to rain for a whole freggin’ week.

I feel like this picture reminds me of the cover of a Jack Johnson album. Only I have an umbrella and he’s got a hooded rain coat and it’s really f’in raining on him.  Still we’re both doing that stupid smirk on our faces, like we know something everyone else doesn’t know…  how about that the rain is Never Going to End.

I cannot tell you how glad I am it’s the weekend!!!  My brother is in from London and my friend Johanna is in town from NC.  We’re planning a fun night out despite the perceptiation.  We’re probably going to hit up some very trendy clubs tonight – which is something I don’t do often but LOVE when I do! 

All my cozy apartment stuff will wait until manana.  As will working on my mom’s sweater.  I haven’t even thought about casting on for any other projects.  Well… actually I do have one project sitting on needles that is still waiting for me to get all the proper yarn.  So I have two projects.  Still not too shabby.  I always think of my mom when I start to knit.  She is the most talented woman I know.  She spent two years at FIT when she was younger, studying fashion design.  What I wouldn’t give to be around during that time watching her putting together her own original pieces.  My dad talks about this "little yellow dress" she had worn on one of their dates.  Imagine, sewing together your date outfit instead of flipping through a cataloge.  I wish I had that skill! 

I have this fantastic picture of her with curlers in her hair, measuring tape around her neck and pins in her mouth.  She’s in her undergarmets piecing together what I assumed she was going to wear that very night.  Her hands are up around her face masking her embarrasement at being caught in the middle of her handiwork. I swear I can hear her screaming at the photographer.  I wish I could crack open that head and soak up all her talent and knowledge. Imagine!  Maybe one day I’ll finally get behind her Singer sewing machine, until then I’ll just be here clicking my needles away.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Hey Sun, you want to f’in come out now?


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