Popi_meMi Familia.

This is my blood.
This is my history.
This is my Popi.
He is my father’s father.
A patriarch: 10 children of which my father was the youngest.
Ramon Pena from Humaco, Puerto Rico.
He was a writer of songs.
He was a master at the French Horn.

Sadly I did not know him long but I know so much about him through stories and memories. There is so much history in his eyes.

I laugh every time I see this picture. He’s probably thinking, "boy my grandaughter is a chunky one!"  Let’s just say I was well fed! 😉

I had a lot of family reflection and bonding this weekend.  I spent Friday night going to clubs with my brother Andrew who was in from London.  We went to 48 Grove and PM, two very hip lounge/clubs.  It’s one of very seldom nights where I have stayed up until 4am dancing and drinking.  My body was PAYING for it on Saturday.  I slept well past noon only to crawl over to my parents house where I took shelter on the couch for the rest of the night.  Being at home lying on the a couch wtih my mother is one of the best places in the universe.  She has magical hands that always know the most soothing places to destress and calm me – especially when she plays with my hair.

Sunday was a much more productive day! I got two new knitting books: Alterknits and Holiday Knits – both I absolutely LOVE!!! They have given me all these ideas for Christmas presents and apartment fixtures. I promise no boring scarves! 🙂

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