I’m waiting for the sky to open up.  There’s a 3% chance that the rain we get tonight will cause a Day-Off tomorrow.  Mostly I’m praying for a power outtage, but I’ll take some flash floods.  The one of the many things I love about working at a school, especially as an administrator, is that you get alllll the perks without the at home paperwork.  I get to enjoy the snow days and summers even though I pretty much do a more "corporate" job.

Rainy days are fabulous, except when there’s a Full Week of them.  It allows me not to feel guilty when I’m my old lazy self.  Yesterday I had to convince myself that I deserved to take 3+ hour naps and not go out to enjoy the sunny day.  It was a pretty easy submission considering the Saturday I had.   My girls from BC came for the weekend and we had what turned out to be a pretty crazy night.  I’ll spare the details but let’s just say I have a very hoarse voice today.

So I’m kinda obsessed with my knit projects lately… I’ve started two: one sweater for my mom which is a 1/3 of the way done and frankly I do not think I’m going to have enough yarn and a wrap/poncho for myself which I’m doing with really pretty Manos yarn and I’m doing a whole lot of stocknette stitching.  My next project is going to need some cables or lace in it – I’m getting kinda bored but it’s very meditative.  It’s calming that repetitive purl or knit – kinda like doing yoga.

Knitting also reminds me of when I used to make friendship bracelets. I kicked ass at them. I always needed my knots to be perfect and even and I loved making different patterns with them.  I had to have at least 12 braclets on my wrist at one time or I didn’t think it was cool.  I kept a huge box of floss, all numerically coded, which I would sort by color.  Obsessed.  In grade school, I would tape the braclets under my desk at school so that I could continuously work on them.   One of my college friends commented on how nuts it would have been if I knew how to knit then.  They claim I would have never left the dorm!  (which is certainly possible…) 
I was in a speech class my sophomore year when one of my classmates did her speech on knitting.  I remember being so excited at the time, but considered knitting SO Complex – much in the domain of photo-printing.  I mean I had No Idea how they got that picture on the film to a big piece of paper.  It wasn’t until I took a class when I had the "Aha!" moment. 

I finally sucked it up and ordered a book about knitting and sat down with it until I had the knit stitch down.  It’s almost coming on a year when I first considered myself a full-flegged knitter.  I completed my first "complex" project: Christmas stockings.  I got the pattern out of a Martha Stewart magazine. (Thanks Martha!)  I am not ashamed by the way to say that I love Martha Stewart – her badass jailbird self.  She’s pretty arrogant though.  Kinda of an example when "Keeping it Real Goes Wrong". 

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