Fun Time is Here

After spending my whole day at work reading other blogs I finally got home so that I could write in my very own.  It’s been appox. 2 months since I started this and I’m pretty surprised at myself that it’s keeping up the way it has.  I have a lot to figure out though – I haven’t quite mastered the whole buttons on the side thing yet.  I used to know Everything about HTML but that must have leaked out of my brain somewhere between my Junior year of college and today. Plus, I liked using the fancy-shmancy programs like Flash and Dreamweaver that it became really ease to forget the building blocks. Either way I have a lot of ‘research’ to do. 

I also had my knitting on my mind.  Once I start something it’s rediculously hard to get me to think of anything else.  My boyfriend last night told me that I was ‘addicted’ to my knitting.  Frankly, yes I am.  Especially when I’m in the midst of a project!  And last night was supposed to be our "Lost" evening but the darn show is on a rerun for the next 2 weeks… WTF!?  And although I do like Martha, I wasn’t about to start watching the Apprentice – so I worked on this:


My wrap is 3/5ths of the way done. Soooo Excited! I hope to wear it this fall but if I miss out than it will make it’s debut in the spring.  I love the color!  I’m just doing plain stocknette stitching so it’s quite relaxing to make.


Once it’s finished the lines will sit veritcally on me which I think will look good (I hope!).  It’s been very quick to knit up and I have two balls left.  I might have to get one more just so that the length is enough. My next project is socks. I’ve been poking around other knit blogs and it seems that everyone is obsessed with them, so I’m guessing it’s about time that I am too!

But before any  new casting on goes on, tonight I’m going to be heading out to watch my boys play.

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