Ahoy me maytees! This is Captin’ Maaarrrgaux.   Sorry sorry! I just couldn’t help myself.  It’s Halloween!   How can you not beat this holiday!  I saw some pretty interesting costumes this halloween, one was dispicable while others were just laughable.

If you haven’t noticed already I was a Pirate.  I just got the basics since it was really last minute.  A bandana and an eye patch was my perfect costume solution.



Besides all the trickery and treating I did get some good knitting in.  I started the Left Front of my mom’s cardigan.  The whole knitting process is what I feel confident in, but it’s the whole piecing them together that gets me all nervous.  I mean how awful is it if you knit these beautiful pieces and then screw up sewing them together!  My brother’s sweater is sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust because of this.  I feel like I either sew too tightly or too loose.


But I cannot beat myself up about this since this is the first sweater I’ve ever knitted.  So a girl’s got to start somewhere.  More tomorrow, promise 🙂

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