Sock Jones

I have a serious problem.  I cannot get the urge to knit socks out of my mind.  I have two projects on the needles already but this whole Socktober-ness that I’m reading on all of these blogs is getting me crazy!  I almost cannot take it anymore!  It’s everywhere I look: Socks, Socks, and more socks!

Not to mention it is a great Christmas present idea.  Simple, quick and yet unique.  My friends and family don’t have many knitter friends so it would be something different. And other than the scarf that I knit my boyfriend, it’s the only other thing I would consider knitting him.  But perhaps it’s just excuses as to why I need to do it right now. Like RIGHT NOW, like "I’m leaving work to go buy knitting yarn and I don’t care if I get fired" Now. (Well not reeeally, but it sure is damn close…)

I’m one of those obsessive kinds of people, hense the name of my blog, which once I get an idea in my head it’s pretty damn hard getting it out of there.  It just sits there festering and growing until I can’t take it anymore.  I lose all sense of time and space, hours can go by, days!  Until I feel that I’ve been "fed."   And knitting has been my super-jones lately…

When I was taking photography classes at school I would spend hours upon hours in the darkroom because I was obsessed with making photos.  Before I even took the class I was researching cameras and darkroom equiptment.  It was such a wonderful engulfing feeling. I loved being so creative and having such power over what I was doing. Now, I have used that creative energy in my knitting which has been such a great outlet.  I don’t know what I would do with myself if I couldn’t create something. I might go bonkers.  So now what do I do??  I guess the only solution is to get my toosh over to Handknits in Englewood and get me some sock yarn.  One of the sales women knows me from my two previous visits there and knows that I already have two projects going… so I kinda feel guilty going back! 

Also please look at the Best Halloween Costumes I’ve ever seen!  This is my goal!! How f’in adoreable!

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