Detox is Good

There’s something so sweet about spending your weekend doing nothing.  Sweet sweet nothing.  Jim and I managed to do just that this weekend and it was fabulous. 

Friday night I had an extended stay at schoo, not to mention one of the more rediculous days – I was contstantly stating to numerous people that, "If this was Monday I would not come in on Tuesday because I would be convinced that I was a danger to myself and others."  I just couldn’t get Anything Right!  I had a letter to send out to 600 students and each time I sent it to print there was something wrong with it – so I ended up killing a whole lot of trees. 

So that afternoon I stayed at school stuffing envelopes as well as hoping that my night would go better than my Day.  The turning point was the school’s Talent Show.  I thrououghly impressed by all the girls who performed not to mention I was waiting in high anticipation for my Talent Show premire.  I was apart of the faculty skit which was a recorded video of us singing "It’s a Hard Knock Life".  I bet Jay Z would have been proud.  The girls thought it rip roaring hilarious since you could barely hear us singing over the loud laughing and shouting.  I made my exit very Elvis style right after it showed in order to get back to my apartment at a normal time.  I tried to escape the shouts of my name along with all the other faculty members… oh to be famous to 14 to 17 year olds.

Getting home that night I could do no more than lay on the couch while my boyfriend tried to rub my shoulders.  I think I finally passed out at a whopping 10:30.  There was nothing that could have made me gone out.  No drugs, alcohol, even money.  I wanted my pillow.  My precious pillow.

Yesterday was more of the same glorious laziness.  With some breakfast in my tummy I went right back on sleeping and then emerged to go for a short walk around Hoboken, making a pit stop at Patricia’s Yarns for some sock yarn.  She didn’t really have what I wanted but I did get some nice green yarn for a pair of mittens I want to make too.  I’m setting some new knit project goals for myself.  I need to try something new with every project I begin. (Or I’m going to try!)  So I have mittens, socks!, lace and cables on my list before Christmas.  I’m a bit too ambitious.  Not to mention I do want to get some good reading in – i’m starting The Kite Runner this week!

So happy happy Sunday! I’m going to go for a run (the least I could do considering today is the NYC Marathon) and then more knitting, perhaps even heading to Needle Craftique in Upper Montclair with my mom.  Then off to the boys house for dinner šŸ™‚

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