And then there were Two

Mitten # 2 is well on it’s way. I just realized I knitted it at a bigger gauge, but I think they’re comfy just the same.  I will be able to use them this weekend and once they’re done I can move on to other knits 🙂  Is it a problem that when I’m at work I can’t stop thinking about what I want to knit or the knitting needles that sit under my desk calling me?  I keep thinking that this "faze" will pass… I always become obsessed with things and then they pass.  But this sure ain’t passin’!

I’ve been eyeing this sweater jacket from Rowan recently:


I’ve never tried anything like it before but I just can’t stop looking at it!   I’m hopefully to get the pattern book this weekend to better dissect it.  I was also eyeing the jacket that Amelia created! Go check it out it’s fabulous!  But FIRST Is the Christmas knitting!! I’ve been really wanting to create socks for my friends, definitely for my boyfriend – he wants nice thick ones.  I’m thinking definitely cable and ribs…  Why do I feel that come January I’m going to be writing about how I made all these promises to knit thing that I didn’t!

OH and also in Blogland was this knitted shirt that I’ve seen all around the place, but this one was made with Cotton Fleece which I have a ton left over from Andrew’s sweater, SO I’m thinking maybe I could make one for myself too!

So let’s see, that’s socks, a jacket, a t-shirt, oh and also i wanted to knit a cosmetic bag for my girlfriends… oh perhaps a hat here or there too.  What am I fucking crazy? 

I also used to read books to relax and I haven’t cracked one open in months… I’ve got the Kite Runner on my night stand right now.

Oh last thought: Thank God for Advil.

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