I had a moment of clarity yesterday.  I’ve been going through each day so quickly lately… always thinking ahead to the next moment without stoping to concentrate on the now.  That is perhaps why I had such a terrible time finding that film the other day because I keep rushing.  Rushing to the next day or to the next thing or the next moment.  I couldn’t let my mind rest on that particular place and time.  I get so worked up about things, whether it be something at work or perhaps a new thing to knit or a project to start.  And all these thoughts that have been roaming through my head have all been about ME.  The big X.  What am I going to buy Myself this weekend or what yarn do I want to get for Me?  Now, I know that when I make something it takes so much time and energy that the person recieving it BETTER LOVE IT or else.   So most if not all the things I knit are for me… but recent events have made me think twice about this…

There is a student here at my school that recently lost everything due to a fire in her house.  Everything! And while I’m all La-di-da-daaing to new LYS’s this girl is desperately trying to piece her life back together.  We’re raising money for her and I did participate in that but I swear if there wasn’t someone reminding me I wouldn’t have!

Plus there’s Honduras.  10 days I spent living amongst some of the poorest people in the world.  People who live on less than $1 (equivlant to 18 Limperas) a day.  I’ve had to relive those moments recently since I’m putting together a presenation for the faculty at my school about my trip.  I began to remember the children I met, the wonderful women and men who work at the school we visited, the homes we went to.  I visited a sweatshop in which women were working tirelessly to produce their daily quota of an insane amount of men’s underwear.  They worked on their machings sewing and cutting and ripping. The fuzz of the cotton they worked with found it’s way into their hair and on their clothing.   

Then there were the orphans.  Beautiful children living in a community together.  Laughing, crying, strugling and surviving together.  They long to go to school.  To better themselves and their community.


While we were there they gave us these cute little butterflies.  Mine was given to me by the little boy third in from the left with a grey t-shirt and black jeans.  I could have taken him home if they let me! 

On the last day I was there we were posed this question, "now that you’ve seen all that you have, What are you going to do?"  What am I going to do? 

I am not the type of person to pack my bags and move to Honduras, but I am the type to question my actions and wonder how I can make an important affect on those people’s lives.  I work at a wonderful school who’s mission is to educate girls about these global situations – to make them realize that we aren’t as separated as we’d like to think.  That we have been given this gift of our lifestyle that allows us the opportunity to give.  As my friend would say, "to whom much is given much is required." What am I going to do?  (I feel like I’m sitting in a lecture given by one of the Jesuits at BC or actually with my favorite Prof. John McDargh)

So with that in mind I’ve decided to particpate in Margene’s and Carole’s Knit Unto Others.  It’s a start and I’m so excited because I’ve already gotten started and I have a hat already made!  I’ve chosen to give to the Dulaan project which gives hats, scarves and gloves to children in Mongolia.  It’s the least I can do.

But I know in the end I have a great heart.  That I would do anything for my friends and family.  So that in just being who I am allows the people around me to do just the same.

I just love Thanksgiving.

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