Is it a bad thing when all I can do is think about what I’m knitting? or that I want to buy more and more yarn?  I thought this Honeymoon stage was supposed to end like weeks ago.

But all the holiday knitting I’m doing is only getting me more excited rather than run down.  I’m so That Girl who people ask, "where the hell do you get all your energy from?"  The yarn, people, the yarn.

I am almost done with part 1 of my 5 part Christmas knitting escapade. I casted on Friday and will be finishing Gift #1 today.  Gift #2 was casted on yesterday and with the days off at the end of the week will be finished in no time.  I’m waiting for yarn to arrive for Gifts #4 and 5. I’m hoping that it comes today!  Sorry for all the generalities but I fear that the receivers are going to be reading this! Which means that pictures of said gifts will be for a later post!

I also had a fabulous weekend outside of my crazy knitting.  Friday night I went to see one of my students perform in a production of AIDA.  I’ve never seen the show before so I didn’t know what to expect.  All I knew of AIDA was that when it was running on broadway every semi-famous pop singer was in it (like Toni Braxton and Michelle Willams from Destney’s Child). 

Saturday night I went to my favorite nuevo Latino resturant, Cabana, with my best friend, her mom, and my wonderful parents.  A few glasses into the sangria and I was ready to PARTY!  Too bad it was only 7pm.  I hate getting tipsy too early because at around 9:30-10ish when people were  ready to go out I was already at hangover stage with an awful headache.  I was a trooper though (well I succumed to peer pressure, yes even at 25) and followed my friends to a place called The Hanger on Ave. B.  (Back to knitting, being on Ave. B made me think of walking over to Ave. A to go to Downtown Yarns, but being that it was 12:30 at night I didn’t think they were going to be open). 

On to more exciting knits: Jaywalker! I’ve signed up for Cara’s Jaywalker knit-a-long and I’m itchy and impatient to cast on.  I’m thinking I need to knit it at the bigger gauge because I meastured my feet and they’re a wopping 9.5 inches in circumference – in college they were known as my Hobbit feet.  I have some Kogiu that I bought on Friday that will be used for this project.  I want to try the two circulars for this too, but that might be going a bit to far considering I’m a super Novice at socks. 

And to make all my knitting go over the edge is now I’m itching to do a shawl for my mom.  I was reading Grumperina’s site and she’s making her mom this nice classic shawl and i’m thinking – Gosh my mom would like something like that too!

When I look at the future of my life all I see is myself knitting… knitting knitting.  Thank god my boyfriend doesn’t mind.

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