Muchas Gracias

Happy Thanksgiving!

10 things I am thankful for.

1. it’s been 3 years since my mother has been breast cancer free.
2. my brother is home from london safe and sound.
3. my dad is playing merenge music at 10 o’clock in the morning (he tried to last night around 11 when he was half asleep so I told him to wait until tomorrow)
4. my grandmother’s husband who takes care of her with more love than is imaginable
5. my girlfriends are all with their families today (one of which is in the DR! but i love her just the same)
6. the people at my school who were so open to hearing about my trip to honduras yesterday and were eager to set up a scholarship for one of the orphans in COMPROME.
7. my boyfriend who cooked me an amazing meal last night which was made with so much love.
8. my mother is just as excited about me knitting things as i am
9. for all the good food i know i will eat today
10. for all of you who come by to read my ramblings, i really appreicate it!

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