Frog You

So it finally has happened, a moment of "sh#t i have to rip it ALL out".  I was knitting myself a shawl/poncho. It was a super simple pattern actually but I guess I didn’t figure it out as well as I should have since one side of the poncho is waaaay longer than the other.  I was so excited yesterday having it out to block and carefully seaming it today in hopes to wear it later, but as I pulled the poncho over my head and looked into the mirror my mind just said, "uh oh." I’m so pissed because I have to rip the whole friggin thing out.  It’s not like I can do a few rows and then be done, the WHOLE thing needs to be taken out.  I’m so bummed.  But this is the knitting life and these things happen.  It just blows to think about because you spend SO Much Time doing each stitch.  Sigh…  I was thinking of seaming back the one side, but figured that wouldn’t look good.  I know I will be so much happier when I frog and fix it, but right now I’m just BUMMED.  It’s beautiful Manos yarn – arugh!  Funny thing though, I used the spit join method which means the yarn is just one big continuous strand.  This makes me truly want to invest in a nice yarn winder.  There’s no way I’m pulling that all out manually.

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