Target… of all places!

So a miracle happened today…  as I was walking hands full of Christmas goodies and wine glasses I bumped right smack into a childhood memory.


Pirouettes!!!!! Couldn’t you JUST die??

I almost dropped everything in my hands at my disbelief. Of course they’re "Limited Edition" and they’re also called "Petite" Pirouettes but they’re the same good ol’ cookie that I used to eat EVERYDAY as a child.  No joke.  That and a cheese sandwich.  It’s shocking that I was as skinny as I was. I was so excited that I had to hold myself back from buying the whole display.I did purchase Four boxes though, boy am I nuts.


I had a pang of nostalgia opening the box.  I seriously ate a box a week (if not more).  I wouldn’t even waste the crumbs at the bottom of the box.  I would delicately smoosh them over to the corner and tipped the box up so that all the leftover broken pirouettes could fall easily into my mouth.

I was crushed when they were taken off the shelves… apparently they’re just so delicate that they kept breaking in their shipments (or so the evil PF people have to say).  It’s just not the same when you get like 5 of them in the Entertaining Collection and I certainly can’t stand the new ones with the filling in the middle. Oh Pepperidge Farm why won’t you just make them All Year Round? 

For now I’ll just have to carefully and methodically eat the cookies I have.  I will be back to Target though, oh yes, I will be back.


So I haven’t really been writing much in the blog these days.  Perhaps because I just felt there wasn’t much to say and also because I don’t like posting without pictures and I’ve been to lazy to upload things.  BUT I have been knitting. 



A comfy winter hat!  I used the basic cable pattern from SnB and Koigu yarn.  I had to modify the pattern a bit since the weight of the yarn I was using was slightly smaller.  I sort of messed it up a bit since the cable pattern is in a multiple of 12 and I casted on 4 short of that – so I have some nice ribs at the end of each round.  I think it adds a certain charm.  Also I look pretty heinous in this picture… ahh apartment lighting.  But I wanted to show off the hat 🙂

I just casted on for some Christmas socks using the 2 circular needles method.  I’m using a 16" and a 32" length and I keep getting the yarn alll tangled up in the 32".  But I’m getting the hang of it and I think after I finish this sock I will cast on for my Jaywalker!!

"Jaywalker you got the best of me, I just keep on comin’ back incessantly, oooh why do you have to put your game on me…" Think Mariah’s "Heartbreaker". I love the ones that Cara makes and I keep on talking about making one, so it’s time to put my money where my knits are.

Other than that life is pretty tame in ‘boken.   I’m just gonna go now and ruin my dinner with some cookies!

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