What’s that white stuff?

The threat of global warming has made me think about how I wish I could walk to work everyday but also about whether or not we’re going to see any type of snow this winter.  As someone who works at a school snow is one of the best things that can happen to me – especially as an administrator – if I were a teacher I’d probably feel obligated to correct papers or something.  It’s like getting a Get out of Jail Free Card.  So alas upon waking up this morning there it was!!!  Now who knows if this is going to "stick" but it’s sure nice to feel like December is finally here!  Cold weather is only good for two things: making snow and allowing us to wear all of our wonderful knitted garments.

I am one sock in to finishing another Christmas present! I’m using the House Sock patter from Holiday Knits.  It’s slightly tight around the cast on edge but everything is smooth sailing.  I can’t believe how wonderfully easy it was to make a sock! I used the two circular method too.   I did have to sit there though and start at the darn thing when I was about to turn the heel.  The one thing about reading how you have to knit is in visualizing it.  I need so SEE it before I believe it.  One thing I noticed though about my heel turn was when you’re picking up stitches along both gussets the pattern then tells me to knit across the heel stitches one last time and then divide the gusset/heel stitches on one needle and the other 20 or so stitches on the other… now (If you’re still following me) the pattern almost assumes that I’m starting my round and the front 20 stitches but I still have the 10  gusset stitches to knit before I get there… so basically the left side gusset stitches have one more row than the rest?  anyway, I did knit down the left side than I began the pattern again where I picked up… I was just curious if that was what it should be… I remember knitting Christmas Stockings last year and having the same curiosity – although the finish products did look wonderful. 

I also bought Handknit Holidays after browsing through it last time I was at B&N.  I kept trying to tell myself, "no more knitting books, no more knitting books (at least for now)." but I came across the Nutcracker Slippers and that book was in my collection quicker than I could say Uncle Drosslemeier.  Then there’s the stained glass scarf that uses the double stockinette stitch method that frankly I want to learn like now.

This afternoon is going to be spent watching the G-men while finishing my socks.  I will also be praying for a SNOW DAY tomorrow.  Snow Day = knitting day.

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