Last night it happened.


My first pair of socks.


Pattern: House Socks from Holiday Knits
Yarn: Classic Elite Lush in Blueberry and Natural
Needles: Size 5 circulars

They were definitely easier than I thought.  I made stockings last Christmas for my family and it was a lot of the same techinques but just on a much smaller scale.  I will definitely be making this sock again (hopefully I will pump out another pair as another Christmas gift!  i know… i’m dreamin’… but i’m hopeful!) 

I’m off from school today because it’s a religious holiday.  I did not however sleep in this morning as I had hoped.  I had to take my beloved Jetta in for an oil change early this morning.  So while everyone was fighting traffic to get into the always-30-minute-delay Lincoln Tunnel I was going the opposite direction on Rt. 3. (The Devil’s highway as I like to nickname it – freakin’ death trap)  Thankfully it didn’t take as long as I thought it would and after seeing Cara’s mittens I decided to cast on a pair of my own as I waited with some similar Manos I had… glove 1 almost done. 

I had bought the yarn at my LYS and while there discovered a SnB group in town.  I signed up last night for it and I’m looking forward to meeting some new people in this little village called "Sinatra’s Hometown".

I’ve definitely stuck with knitting longer than I have with any other "minor obssession" I’ve had in a while.  Ususally something like this will putter out – but I’m going strong.  I practically knit something everyday.  I contribute this to all the wonderful things I read everyday  in this wonderful place called Blogland.  I keep seeing things I want to knit, other knitters I want to know more about, yarn I just need to buy, patterns that are calling my name.   

For the most part the rest of my life is normal, but some things are slipping… I find I never read anymore!  I have The Kite Runner on my bedside table for as long as I can remember.  I even cracked it open to read the first few pages but stopped because I just wanted to knit one more round.  I even joined a book club to help remedy this but I never get to go, which has convinced the club moderator that I simply don’t exhist. There was a time when I would read constantly… I even managed to put away 13 books in one summer.  Thirteen! It’s pretty obvious that I didn’t know how to knit then.

Who knows what it is, but I’m glad it’s sticking and I hope I make it stick for years to come.  I do not want to be that woman who says, "Gee I used to knit so much when I was younger… now I barely pick up the needles."  I hope I always have these needles in my hands. I hope I’m always knit and purling away.  I hope I’m always creating.

2 thoughts on “Boo-ya-ca-sha!

  1. nona says:

    Great job with your first pair of socks — you’re a natural. I have a suggestion for your readding / knitting tug of war — audible .com. This site lets you download books on tape. You can listen to them on your computer or put them on an MP3 player. I now listen to books as I knit. I recently listen to The Kite Runner, which was read by the author — excellent!


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