Snow Day

I definitely had two dreams before I actually woke up to my phone ringing alterting me to the school closing.  In my first dream, I imagined that I was having quite a long conversation with my phone chain person at 5:30am – much too long for that time of morning… In my second I imagined that I was left a message in which I woke to the sound of my alarm, kinda bummed but pleasently surprised.  Both felt so real and I had to keep telling myself that they were indeed a construct of my imagination.  After the second dream I thought, "listen, you’re going to go to work so deal with it."

But just as those words were being said into my head my Mom called.  It seems that my school phone chain didn’t update their records since I moved out.  So she was calling to let me know that I had no work today!  Happily I told my Mom at 5:30am that I would make sure they updated it on Monday so the poor woman wouldn’t have to call me like this again.

After the phone was hung up I sunk back into my bed so excited – no work today! Can a girl like me be this lucky?? (You all need to get jobs at schools, it’s the Best, I mean days like today, summer’s off and I’m out of work at 3:30 – Hello??!)

Around 8:30ish I decided to get up since I was just too excited to sleep with my new found day off.  And as I pulled back the shade from my window I saw the beautiful street below.


I love when the snow is really big! Although it means that the storm is almost done, it’s much more fun to look at instead of the real small guys.  I thankfully parked my car in a garage or else I would have had to worry about cleaning the sucker off.

So what to do with this day off you ask?  Well… first thing first: I get to spend my day in my favorite knitting spot.  To answer the meme:


My nice and cozy papasan chair.  You can see on the table that I’m working on another little project and just underneath that is a basket full of yarns and magazines.  My roomate has been so wonderful to tolerate all the yarn that’s around.  I think she’s waiting for me to knit her something.

Other things I could do today…
1. writing out my christmas cards
2. cleaning the apartment since one of my college friends is staying with me this weekend.
3. laundry

I’d rather knit, blog and read emails.  Time for some hot cocoa!

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