saturday = funday

i am so f’in happy it’s the weekend!

I had possibly the MOST stressful week of my life in both personal and work circles.  I said my prayers last night that this would be the last for a very very long time.

I did get some good knitting done as I am one sock away from finishing another wonderful Christmas present.  AND on top of it all I got some More Yarn to make a shawl for my mom.  The pattern that I am using is Birch from a past Rowan magazine.  I did a little blogland search and found that this is a very commonly made shawl and although the pattern "simple" the yarn (Rowan Silk Haze) can make it a bit tricky.

More pics to follow, promise!

Today I’m off to my parents house for a Christmas Dinner Part One.  It’s a couple night since my parents are hosting their close friends and their kids (plus their own significant others).  We have been close friends with this family for as long as I can remember.  Their two children and I were in 3 consecutive years at school and became close friends.  I split the two (a younger boy and older girl) age wise but we all treated each other as if we were the same.

We would go to the beach every summer with our mothers and shared many milestones together (3 confirmations, 3 High School graduations, 3 college graduations).  I’m even going to be the Maid of Honor of the girl this coming September.  It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come from the kiddie table in the kitchen.  Playing video games or with Barbie dolls while the "older folk" seemed to laugh about non-sense in the dining room.

Life goes on and soon we’ll be putting our own children at the kiddle table in the kitchen.  I shudder to think that, so for now I’ll just happily drink my wine laughing loudly with my parents and family friends about non-sense.

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