I spy with my one eye

Something blue…


Oh baby now I know what Cara’s talking about.  We’ll have to start some "JA" aka Jaywalkers Addicts group followed by the Jaywalkers Anyomous group to help us begin knitting other things again.  I casted on two nights ago and just really started to get going last night.  Now, honestly, the whole knitting on itty-bitty needles was a bit frustrating to get used to at first but after getting a few repeats out of the way and seeing the whole zig-zag pattern take shape I got over feeling like a giant knitting.

Here’s a closer shot, yup that’s my work agenda below it… it’s a busy time of year for me and I cannot believe have the gall to knit under my desk between meetings.


The colorway is Lapis.  Those people over at Blue Fiber Arts are making pure gold.  I could by two of each of I could.

I did not forget  that I also made a few other knitting resolutions and have been jonesing to make the Flower Basket Shawl.  So I did the proper search and got some pretty silk/wool blend yarn.


It will have to wait patiently though… apparently I visit my LYS way too often, I feel like the woman who works there knows that I just keep buying up yarn and not "finishing" it.  She always asks me if I finish my projects.  Oh well… but it brings me to a sad revelation that was told me while there:  the word is out, my fav LYS is closing!! Noooooo!  If you know of them, Handknits in Englewood, then you know she has a wonderful selection of great yarns and being from North Jersey it’s kinda hard to find such a place in this area – without going into the city…  and it was so close to the school I work at too.  Anyway, the light bill has been paid up until April so perhaps there’s a chance that she might change her mind or the ownership could change over?  Who knows… until then I’m buying as much yarn as I can!

4 thoughts on “I spy with my one eye

  1. Risa says:

    I was just tipped off to Handknits. Been meaning to visit, just hard to coordinate. I’m going to have to get there quickly! North Jersey is a bit light on the good LYS. I just found Close Knits in HoHoKus, and I hear Modern Yarn in Montclair is pretty good. Pretty socks. I’m seriously going to have to try the Jaywalkers!


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