Just One More Row

Since the Thursday night post my jaywalkers are blossoming.  I’m no speed knitter so I haven’t finished the first one yet, but i’m about an inch away from foot decreases.  My boyfriend, who’s one sock away from a pair of his own socks (non-jaywalker), watched in impatience as I reached for my jaywalker and not his nice warm fuzzy sock.  I promised that after the first sock was finished I would work on his. I’m trying to be a good girlfriend and honestly after his excited reaction to his first sock I’m kinda excited to finish a pair for him.
I agree with Cara in that there’s no way I’d make a regular ol’ stockenette sock after making this one.  It’s just so easy to do and why wouldn’t you want to throw a little flair out there?

Thank you Grumperia for this fabulous pattern! You must be so excited about the buzz you’ve caused! I know I’d be bouncing off the walls if people all over the place were making socks I created the pattern for.

On Sunday nights I’m usually over at my boyfriends place but tonight I’m one my own at my apartment.  My roomate isn’t here so it’s pretty quiet.  All this silence is making me think of how unhappy I am that tomorrow is Monday.  I do feel blessed that I have a job and that I have a really good and meaningful one, but seriously who the F wants to wake up early? haha  I need like a 10 to 6 type of job.  That way I can sleep till 9ish and still get home at a resonable hour.  Then again my "contract" says my day is over at 2:30pm.  Which ain’t to shabby, plus all the wonderful vacation!  Alright I’ll shut up now.

On Tuesday I will be joining my first meeting of the Hoboken S n’ B! I’m kinda nervous about meeting all these new people but at the same time it will be great to meet some other knitters.  No matter what I do still find it funny that I knit.  It just doesn’t get old when people stop and stare or when my friends look at me through the side of their eyes when they see me pick up my needles.  I didn’t know either when I started that I’d be so obsessed with it either.  I never looked down on knitting, but hello there are so many henous patterns out there that make you go "Ehhh no knitting for me" that uses the fugliest of yarns, but then again there are the great ones like the jaywalker that make me so pumped to knit.  Ahh that’s the beauty of it all – the suprise of finding a new passion and getting it to share it with so many other wonderful people. 

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