Don’t stop till you get enough

There are not pictures with this post today.  It’s pretty crap-tastic in these parts and I just don’t have good enough lighting.   Rain turned into sleet turned into snow which turned into ice.  I won’t be traveling anywhere which means a lot of good knitting will take place.

I’m about 70% done with socks I’m making for my boyfriend.  They’re gray with red trimmings.  I keep going back and forth with making that one and a new jaywalker sock.  I am making one in a new colorway – Cobalt Bloom.

Speaking of which, I’ve read all the posts and comments about making this semi-famous sock pattern now.  So a exponentially high amount of people are making this fabulous sock pattern and a question about "are you knitting it because you want to or because everyone else is."  All I have to say is who gives a shit about what you feel like knitting.  And who the f cares if you want to knit something that a bunch of other people want to knit.  Seriously,  who judges knitting? 

I know everyone wants to be original and unique.  They want to create something that’s all their own and to feel separate and perhaps apart from the crowd.  Sometimes it’s nice to be apart of a community that has or creates something together.  This phenomenon is apart of everything.  From loyalty to a college or high school to a favorite musician or a famous actor or actress. 

Do we like these songs or movies just because everyone else does or do we like i because it makes us laugh and cry and sing?

I’m super surprised at how much thought I have on a Saturday morning. Time to watch 24 (season 3) and to snuggle with my man before the super premier tonight.  24!  Jack Bauer!!!!!


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