Twenty Four

Tonight is the next two episodes of the Out of Control premier of 24.  Is this show not the best show on TV? I am a Lost fanatic, but there’s something about 24 that just gets your heart racing.  Perhaps it’s the hotness of Jack Bauer and the suspense of every episode.

I have a habit of reading the message boards after I watch shows like this and I think everyone was just as stunned as I was at how they began this season.  Two huge character losses, but it’s a trend going on around TV these days – killing off the main characters.  Take LOST for instance, Shannon and Boone were capped in the first two seasons and I’m sure they’re not the last main Lost characters to go.  It throws you for a loop at first but you just have to have faith in the writers of the show that they’re going to bring you somewhere greater.  Here’s hoping!

Tonight at 8 I will be glued again to the TV watching hours 9 to 11.  Knitting has taken a back seat to CTU.

That said, I’m almost done with Jaywalker sock #2 as well as my boyfriends House Socks.  Next up will be the Flower Basket Shawl which is just patiently waiting for my attention. 

On a whole other topic… what kind of knitter are you?  English or Continental?  I learned to knit out of a book and taught myself holding the yarn in my right hand.  But recently I’ve thought about switching it up to see how it feels.  What do you think?  Left or Right?  In the end I know the best knitting is the way you feel most comfortable, but I am just throwing that out there in my curiosity.

Time for Jack Bauer!

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