The wonderful effect of naps

Does anyone else out there recoginize what a really good nap can do to your soul?  It’s been the second day in a row I’ve come home from work pretty wiped and took a solid hour nap on my couch.  I won’t nap in my bed because that’s just much too comfortable  Naps need to be taken in a place where it’s easy to resurrect yourself.  Bed, covers, and pillows might keep you down for the rest of the night.  I choose my little love seat couch.  It’s perfect for nice little ol’ me to schooch up in and take a ‘noozer.

Work has been stressful this week so napping in the afternoon has allowed me a new sense of energy to take on the evening.  I spend practically 80% of my weekends at my boyfriends house which never fully lets me relax, although his mantra is "mi casa es su casa."  But you know how it is, it’s just not you’re own, and no one likes some strange girl sleeping on the couch when it’s not her couch.  SO it takes me just  a few extra days to get back to normal. Doubbly so due to the stressful week.

Knitting has a ‘nap effect’ to it as well.  It has been the constant these days that has made the stress subside.  I love just sitting on my own working away at something – getting into a rhythm.  I’m surprise at how at my boyfriend’s house where I’m constantly knitting (he lives with 4 other guys, a regular Animal House) that no one makes fun and just accepts what I do as is.  On top of it I’ve gotten requests.   Mostly caps (in the color of their beloved G-men), but having seen the socks I’ve been working on lately that’s all they’ve been asking for.  Socks!  I feel delighted to get requests but frankly doubt I’d get to most considering the list of things I want to knit myself (plus my girlfriends requests come first!).  IT’s just good to be loved.

Today was a crap-tastic day in Jersey.  My other fellow New Jersey/New York bloggers can agree.  The wind tunnel was crazy this morning, my trash cans were flying away like poor Dorothy’s house.  They have these small chains but that holds shit.  When I got to work I Juuuust missed the torrential downpour. I’m just thankful that it stopped when I left.

As for tonight, the skies seem calm and it’s just the perfect night to be vegging out on the couch knitting socks.

Sorry no pictures, I have awful lighting at my apartment and it just doesn’t do these socks justice.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for stopping by!

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