"integrity is that voice inside of us that brings everything into focus"

the end of january and the beginning of february are perhaps the most busy time in my work schedule.  it’s crunch time.  the point where all my hard work in the fall is either finally going to pay off or blow up in my face.  let’s just say there was a bomb but with my hand on it like Meredith Grey, it did not go off. 

working in a job that’s basically a form of customer service is pretty hard emotionally.  granted the yells and cries you hear over the phone aren’t necessarily directed at you but they can still bring you down.  i am amazed sometimes what parents do for their children. how nothing their child does is every wrong, just the outside world! i know my parents defended me at all costs, but if it came down to it I would get the crap beat out of me.  Now a days I feel like parents don’t PARENT any more, just blame everything else but their precious child.  some days were so hard that  i would come home at night not wanting to do much of anything but crawl underneigth the comforter of my bed. 

with that said it’s obvious that everything else in my life has suffered, including this here blog.  all the while though i have been knitting!  i am not quite finished yet with my 2nd jaywalker, and i’ve started and am almost done with a FBS shawl for my mom! Plus, I casted on for a scarf too! So with three things on the needles going simutaneously I’m in fantastic knitting shape. 

But with my blog hiatus I’ve pretty much missed the bus on a few knit-a-longs that I really would have liked to have been a part of, esp. the sockpaloooza! And the Knit Olympics.  So I’ll be knitting on the sidelines watching all the fun.

There are so many wonderful creations that have been born out of this weird winter! I’ve been especially interested in Grumperina’s and Amelia’s blogs.  Grumpy created two beautiful hats and a "Holy-Crap-I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Finally-Done" shawl for her grandmother.  And Ms. Raitte is a designer extrodinare! Her beautiful new cardigan and another beautiful work in progress keep renewing my love of the knit!

So although I haven’t participated in the knit "conversation" I have been watching, reading, commenting, smiling.   I am in no way going to be such a big "player" in blogland, but I’ll keep my corner of the land cheering and watching and always with something on the needles.

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