15 inches in Hoboken

The "blizzard of 06".  kinda hard to imagine a few days ago when the weather was more like March or April rather than February.  Green stems were making their way up through the soil, unknowing that it’s way too far off schedule.  and then BAM underneigth a few inches of snow.

as a school administrator, i wish this was tomorrow! But who knows, maybe the snow will stick around to create a short week – just before my president’s week off!

the thing i do LOVE about snow days being lazy, catching up on movies on HBO and of course to knit.

i’m watching the movie Miracle.  There’s something about that scene when he keeps blowing his whistle saying "AGAIN!" that makes my hair rise.  Especially at the end of that whole ordeal the player who finally gets why he’s going through all this madness.  I’m such a sucker for great sports flims.  Top 5 of all time in my book:

1. The Natural:  The soundtrack alone makes me want to grab my Wonder Boy bat!
2. Rudy: "Who’s the wild man now!"  I totally cried at the end when he sacked that quarterback. No joke.  (also note a huge cameo by a young Vince Vaughn who tells "Billy, we got to get Rudy in the game.")
3. Hoosiers:  Gene Hackman makes getting kicked out of basketball games look cool.  As a former JV basketball coach I always would pop this in before practice to psych myself up.
4. Miracle- read above.  Because I’m watching it now it just reminds me how awesome the Olympics are.
5. Remember the Titans:  Left Side! Strong Side! There are many football movies out there, but I happen to like this one the best.

Goose Bumps!

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