Bienviendos a Miami

It’s possible that at this very moment I am going though a Miami withdrawal.  The palm trees, warm sun, sea glass green ocean, have all been replaced by visions of melting brown snow, apartment buildings, chilly wind and the NYC skyline. Ahh back in Jersey.

My wonderful 4 day jaunt to Miami was perfect.  The weather was an average 75 degrees with nothing but sun.  The extent of my physical movement was from the pool back to my beach chair – oh and maybe reaching for my strawberry daiquiri.

We got in at 11:00 to MIA airport.  Our flight had been delayed out of Newark by an hour.  The Man and I spent out time drinking beers at the Dick Clark’s airport grill.  I think I’ve been there 3 too many times.  The on flight movie was Walk the Line, which just as my best friend Jules described, "was good." I’m very impressed however with Joaquin Phoenix’s singing voice.  That boy can get LOW.

Once in Miami my sleepiness combined with my hunger made for quite the vicious headache.  Right after we checked in we decided to do some investigation of our hotel and surroundings.  We decided to get some late night snacks at a 24 hour diner called Jerry’s.  20 minutes later, we hadn’t even been served water and decided to get all New Yorker on things and leave before we wasted any more time there.  We walked back sulking a bit – I mean this was our vacation – we should be spoiled rotten here! My headache getting a little bit worse – since I still didn’t eat.  But we figured we’d hop in bed and order up room service.   As we turn the corner to our hotel entrance I could see a group of people getting ready to go out.  One in particular looked so familiar that at the moment of my recognition I began to squeeze my Man’s hand.  Payton Manning, the quarterback of the Indy Colts was waiting for a cab in front of our hotel!  My boyfriend began to get all starry eyed but we played it cool and walked by (staring) into the main lobby.  He was standing with 3 tall blonds and his teammate Dallas Clark.   I love celeb sightings and the Man was especially pumped since he had just seen Manning’s brother Eli a week earlier in Hoboken!

After that the vacation took on a dream like state.  God how quickly it goes by.  The weather was as perfect it could be.  No clouds. 75 degrees.  Gorgeous!

Night one we ate at Don Shula’s Steakhouse.  It was in the Alexander Hotel and the walk to the restaurant was a bit eerie.  The place is in the back of the hotel and you have to walk through a narrow hallway to get there.  Right before we entered the restaurant we swore that no one was around.  The place has tons of Dolphin’s memorabilia.  They even bring by a football signed by the coach.  There’s nothing better to please your man: sports and steak.

Afterward we went to the Shore Club.  We got a cozy bench under a tree and drank some G&Ts (a V&T for him) under the beautiful night sky.  This place is a bit more posh than I’m used to but one night out of many isn’t so bad!

Night two dinner: Joe’s Stone Crab.  Delicious!! I can’t say enough about this place.  I had gone there before with 3 of my girlfriends one summer and while there we saw Anna Kornikova and Enrique.  It’s that good.    Post dinner we were a bunch of lazy  bums and confined ourselves to our room.

No knitting was done on the trip.  I did bring some with me but just wasn’t inspired enough to do any.   I’m still trying to be inspired.  I don’t know what to make.  I have a few things on the needles, but frankly it’s not really giving me the "i don’t want to do anything but knit" feeling.

I’ve search the internets today too – nothing sparking yet… i know it will though!

One thought on “Bienviendos a Miami

  1. katie says:

    hey girl, glad you had a good vaca! sounds so relaxing!!! hope this startling cold isnt bumming you out! word is you are coming here next weekend! so exciting, hopefully i will get to see you at some point. i have an interview on saturday in boston and a bday party to go to that night and i heard you may be going to mohegan, so ill just keep my fingers crossed that we can make something work! its been too long!!!


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