Blowing the Dust off…

Achoo… boy there was an inch of dust on this thing…It’s pretty unbelieveable how long it has been since my last Blog!! February!?  What the?  Since I just skipped over March, let me tell you, it was a fun month.  Not much knitting got done but I got to take a roll of flim in Central Park.  I forgot how much I love having a camera in my hand.  I love getting weird angles of things as well as catching great candid moments.  I will be posting more of my pics soon!

My needles were picking up some dust balls as the projects that I was working on weren’t QUITE sparking the knit till your hands fall off fire.  Last night though I finally completed my mom’s shawl!  I didn’t have the first page of my directions so I completely neglected the proper last row and suggested bind off.  I have a feeling it’s not that big of a deal but part of me thinks I should rip it out and finish it right.  The larger part is letting it go…

In it’s pre-blocked state

Project: Flower Basket Shawl
Yarn: Silke Wool
Thoughts:  For my first lace it was pretty easy.  I didn’t use any stitch markers or lifelines.  After the first few pattern repeats it was easy to tell if I needed a YO  or a Ktog here or there.  I did 12 pattern repeats before the border and I think it makes a "just right" size for my mom.  The yarn I used was a wool and silk combo which turned into a very soft shawl.  I will be making another of these! 

But first are two Other Shawls I have in mind.  The Light up my Life stole and Eunny’s Print O’ the Wave scarf.  They both look challenging and after losing my lace virginity I feel ready to take them on.  I’m not going to lie but I have read the directions twice and thrice over and there are still areas where I find my mind saying, "EEeeugh?"

That being said I also plan on having something more mindless on the needles like the second jaywalker sock or even a NBTS – which I’ve been wanting to make for a while now… that balance between the "bite your nails while figuring out the chart"  and the "let’s meditate because this knitting is so easy" projects will burn the time nice and quick.

My family and I are off to London this Wednesday.  It’s Easter weekend but there’s another bigger holiday at hand, my brother’s 29th birthday.  We plan on going out to several clubs and I better bring my A game if I’m going to keep up.

I love going to London each year and I’m very much looking forward to going to several LYS’s there… any suggestions?   I’ve looked up several that are near his tube stop but I feel like I’m missing out on some. I also cannot deny that I’m giddy at the thought of being in the same area as Mrs. Ameila Raitte!  Have you seen her Tiggy??

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