Happy Easter!

Even in London the holiday is festive.

Some mimosas in the morning, a bit of champagne with dinner and some white wine with dessert. Purrfection! My wonderful mother cooked up a delicious meal. Ham, mashed potatoes, and arroz con gandules are all nesting in my tummy… i’m about to hit that food coma any time now…

My vacation thus far has been fantastic. I wake no earlier than noon, some days later… a bit of knitting, some tube watching, a bit of a row on my brother’s Pac Man lifesized arcade game, some wine or bevie of that nature, and again back to sleeping… blissful really.

I am now about 49 pattern repeats into finishing the 2nd half of my very first jaywalker pair started in December. Let’s just say I got a bit side tracked. Work sucks in the winter time and when I got home I did nothing not even brush my teeth let alone picked up the knitting needles. I’m happy to say I’m back on the waggon! Holding on for dear life.

I’m trying to get more involved in the SnB in my area but their meetings are a bit sporatic – they don’t have a stict night and it’s always the night of the week I’m not free that they make it. I’m more and more throwing my two cents in to try to have it one consistant night a week so that I can make it. But being a newbie (i’ve only attended one meeting) I’m not so sure my opinion counts…. but i’m about ready to take the bull by the horns! 😉 we’ll see.

I’ve been psyudo invited to attend the Knitting Hill group tomorrow night at 7:30. I would like to go just to see how it is, especially being in London!! My brother thinks it slightly weird and funny that I’ve connected with other knitters here… he keep laughing at me when I bring it up. He just doesn’t KNOW… 😉

I think if the “spirit” moves us my brother and I are going to be hitting the clubs or lounges tonight. Tomorrow is a bank holiday here in London so the nightlife is buzzing. Someone get me a GnT.


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