Did I say I’d be right back?

The last time I posted I was half drunk on margaritas and buying yarn online.

Can I tell you that guilt has left me and I have produced a nice FO since then!?  I won’t give too many details for now (as a promise to myself that I’ll be blogging more). 

So what has gone on in my absence… well May was filled with lots of travels, mostly to Boston.  Three times in fact.

The first was for a work conference.  It was one of those conferences that left you all high as a kite making bold promises to yourself about the huge spectacular changes you want to see happen at your job and how excited you are to do them!  I’m still hoping to bottle that emotion to drink it at later i’m-so-unmotivated-to-do-anything moments.

The second was a R&R weekend with my mom our family friends, one of which is the bride of which I am the Maid of Honor… (i can’t quite figure out how to say that smoothly).  We walked all over Boston and went to Newberry St. where I stocked up on treats at Beadworks and we even found a small yarn shop called Newberry Yarns.  I didn’t get anything but I was still working on above said project.

The last trip was  an overnighter was for my best friend’s suprise birthday (or rather I was the surprise).  She knew about the party but didn’t quite know the guest list.  But as people started to arrive I think she figured that I was going to show up… actually she began to get worried and "Surpised" that I wasn’t there sooner! 😉  Love you TK! 

With all that traveling it felt good to stick around the NYC area for Memorial Day.  I took in a broadway show (with above birthday girl) as well as two barbecues.  I mean does the smell of the grill just say, "hello summer!"

This summer I’m hoping to start some new projects (some outside the knitting world) as well as accomplish old goals… see New Years entry…   i just love when the creative juices start to Flow!  I was poking around at Amelia Ratte’s who led me to Whispering Pine who led me to a new found quest to sew… now to get my Mom to teach me.

Happy last day of May, let the blogging, knitting, drinking, sewing, photographing, summer begin!

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