A little Glimpse

Wow two posts in one day… who am I?

I know I’ll never be a daily poster but I’m do want to keep things interesting.  I’ve read so many blogs who are the same – long droughts and then daily posts… so I don’t feel SO bad, but I do feel like if I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do it right… no halvsies!  anyway, on to the pics…


don’t you just LOVE the reds and dark purples and greens!

oh and a little glimpse of the next project


I thought I would hate working with Kid Silk Haze but it’s proven to be OK to knit with.  It does have a tendency to stick to itself though so even when you need to tinker back a few stitches it can be annoying.  However seeing those cute leaves emerge with every repeat is worth the sticky stitches.  Besides Birch on the needles is the 2nd sock to the 1st jaywalker pair – remember those?  I finished a pink pair in between and then went back to the original pair for finishing… it’s at the heel and just needs to be turned. 

On a completely different rant, let me Tell You what I saw on my drive home today…  I take local roads to and from the school I work at.  It’s a very direct drive down River Road (through Edgewater, Weehawken and then into Hoboken).  I always pick up speed through the Imperial Ferry area but today traffic was moving a bit slower than  usual.  I stop at the set of lights by Arthur’s Landing, where those new townhouses are being built (which on a whole other rant i could express multiple reasons on why you wouldn’t choose to live there and only one which you would… i mean 1,000,000 for the view? No thank you) 

ANYWAY, at the stop light going in the opposite direction was a black SUV pulled over with the cop car  backed a bit away from the car.  I had my music up but I could tell that there was some loud speaker on somewhere.  As the light turned green I noticed about 3 more police cars lights on SPEEEEDING towards this black SUV that I was about 5 feet from.  I lowered my music to get a better listen and I hear loud and clear from the cop car, "Turn off your engine and Throw your keys out the window!".  To this I began to pick speed up but nearly veered off the road to prevent myself from crashing with one of the police vehicles racing to the scene. 

There were two guys that I could see sitting in the front seat of the SUV and there were about 8 police cars I could count by the time I had hit my gas and drove away.  Holy crap what the hell was going on!?  I mean 8 police cars? really?  for two – maybe 4 if there were people in the backseat – people? Perhaps OJ was in the back seat of the car… 

Boy do I feel talkitive today… But i’ll rest your eyes… next time ask me to tell you the story about my boyfriend’s roommate’s encounter with a very angry Jamaican woman.

One thought on “A little Glimpse

  1. Cara says:

    Good to see you back! I’ll never understand paying for that view – when the really good view is on our side of the river! Who wants the sun in your eyes in the morning? I’ll take the sunset ANYDAY!


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