So what was I knitting you ask during my May blog-haitus??

Why none other than the Clapotis

During my venture through the city several weeks ago I bought 5 skeins of Noro Silk Garden in Color 84 without knowing exactly what I wanted to do with it. I just loved the variations of color and the splash of green in the deep reds.  I browsed the internets for patterns and noticed that I seriously missed the Clapotis bandwagon (it was beyond the Jaywalker craze)… but loved the pattern so much I thought – there goes my Noro!  But alas I didn’t think I had enough. (And boy did I not!) 

So that fateful last post night (the one with the margaritas from Rio Grande, 37th and 3rd NYC) I bought 3 more skeins to make it 8… yup thad’ be enough…

I didn’t block it yet, because I’m not so sure it really needs it. Also,  it was hot as hell today so no model shots.

I loved the project because of it’s design… so genius! I can see why so many people took to it.

It seems I’m all about mainstream knits because next up is the Birch shawl from Rowan.  I first tried to cast it on a circular but it was a HORRIBLE experience that I wish never to relive.  I hated it. I wanted to burn the yarn.  So I put it down for a few weeks did other things but saw it sitting there and I knew I had to get back up on that horse and try it again.   With regular straight 8s this time… I’m so happy I did!! I’m two pattern repeats in and I’m loving it!!!!!  I also love the psychology behind this shawl… it’s like knitting downhill ;-)… the more you knit the less you have to knit… which makes you want to knit faster!

I’m not forgetting either my new bug to sew… I went on the McCalls website to browse some patterns and saw two that caught my eye:


The first was what caught my attention first at Amelia Raitte’s and then at A Dress A Day… the second it just a simple pattern that I can totally manipulate to anything.  I’m also checking out a few bag patterns like the one over at Whispering Pine… I am fully obsessed now!

Where am I going to learn how to sew you ask?

My mother was a master seamstress (learning from her mom) and used to make ALL her own clothes when she was younger.  She was so good in fact that she spent two years at FIT learning the ins and outs of design.  After that she started her family and turned to interior design as a side business.  She doesn’t get to sew that much any more and now with my obsession with learning is also starting to pick up her old passion.

I have this fabulous picture of my mother seaming together a dress in her curlers.   She has the mesuring tape around her neck and was in the process of pinning her dress together.  I like to think she was just whipping something up for the date she had that night. 

Now all I have to do is get some fabric to begin this venture!

ETA: I don’t know about you but this whole thing about today being 6-6-06 is just rubbish.  Those people who care about it can See Me In Hell.  Then again I wouldn’t be caught dead watching Seven, The Omen or any other scary movie for that matter today.

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