You wouldn’t believe what I heard on the radio this morning.  In the "news" section no less. 

Knitting is the ‘new popular’ trend now. (And amonst the younger folk and no Grandma-ma).  This was taken from an article from Marie Claire magazine saying that more and more women are taking up this craft.  It even says that knitting is scientifically proven to lower your heart rate and helps you de-stress and relax.  Yes, that is if you’re not working on some super-duper-complicated-lace-directions-in-three-lanugages piece.

It’s true though, I’m in the zone when I’m knitting.  It’s not something that I can do while holding a deep thoughtful conversation.  Just at my boyfriend, I can forget whole conversations while knitting.  It’s as if they never happen. (I also have what my mother calls "selective hearing", but that’s usually what happens when I’m watching my favorite TV shows, ahem 24/Grey’s Anatomy, or anything on HBO).

So what of this new bandwagon?? I’m inclined to say that I’m a part of the explosion.  I got into knitting two/three years ago. It was just something I wanted to pick up.  I saw this great knitting book and I thought Why Not?  My mother taught me how to crochet when I was younger and I was familiar with the basic ins and outs.  The first thing I finished knitting was a scarf for my boyfriend which he still wears.  Since then i’ve made hats, shawls, little bags… thank you SnB! And I’ve even taught a few girls here at my school…

Then I stumbled on to the blogging phenominom and I haven’t looked back since.  It’s SO great to have a place where you can share ideas, become inspired and gloat a bit on FOs.  There’s really no other place like that…  I’d like to think that knitting will keep growing popular but even if this wave goes away that I’ll still have multiple knits on the needles.

Birch is moving along… more pics tomorrow, it’s so dismal out… gosh when will it stop raining??

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