I love you more today than Yesterday

But not as much as tomorrow…

Ahh Birch, I’m worried.  I’ve finished two balls of kid silk haze and I’ve only done 9 repeats. I keep dividing the stitches in my head, subtracting the leaves and knowing that with each repeat there are 10 less stitches, but something is just irking me.  I just don’t think I’m going to make it… 

When I first started Birch I had two false starts. I tried my best to salvage the yarn used but it came to a point where this stuff was soo damn sticky that I just broke it off and started again.  It couldn’t have made too much of a difference however since I only did a cast on and one knit row.  I also didn’t make a gauge swatch (i know… i know…) but I thought since this was a shawl it didn’t matter what size it was. Not to mention Everyone and their Mother who has made this has said they’ve only used 3 balls of the Rowan Yarn.

It’s simply beautiful though.  I find myself just staring at it sometimes.  Holding it up to the light so that I can see all it’s leafy goodness.  I just can’t wait to get it off the needles.  I also found it go so much smoother minus the stitch markers.  I’ve now memorized the pattern and use the YOs as my check point.

On a more personal note –

Today is my anniversary with my boyfriend.  He’s this fabulously sexy, blue eyed man that I have had the pleasure of spending 8 years of my life with.  I guess you could label us "high school sweethearts" but we were never the type to gush over such things.  Of course there were the girls who got necklaces that said "together forever" or "So-and-So’s Future Wife", but Jim and I just kinda went with the flow.  Never truly recognizing (but perhaps hoping) the gold mine we discovered together.  Today represents the first time we kissed.  I threw a party (thanks Mom and Dad) and he arrived and I’d like to think that It was ALL ME 😉 I was a pretty forward kind of girl and didn’t really hesitate landing one on him.

Going through college was a challenge.  So many different factors pulling at you and vying for your attention.  I have him to Thank for being so patient with me.  For never stopping his belief and love for me.  For understanding my fears and helping me to overcome them.

8 years… 8 wonderful years.  It was hard, easy, fun, frustrating, exciting, never boring time.

Thank you Jim.  I know I will love you always and forever.

One thought on “I love you more today than Yesterday

  1. Cara says:

    Happy anniversary! Our anniversary is the first day G told me he loved me. Eleven years after the fact we got married. There was never any other day it could be. Here’s to a million more together!
    PS – Loving the new look!


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