A day like today makes me want to turn up that Will Smith song and sing it loud! I definitely scared my boyfriend the other night by reciting it word for word.  I was 11, this song was a hit and all I wanted to do was lock myself in my room dance and memorize the lyrics. Those memories remind me of Paula, too.  I loved Ms. Adbul! Oh why did you go so sour with Idol??

Anyway, there’s all this hullabalu about the blogs being quiet… shhh shhh.   Well I just got here and I’m planning on sticking (that is when I don’t go on full month blog hiatuses).  I certainly have blogs to thank for making me a more confident knitter.  I would be No Where Near as good a knitter as I am now without the "knitterhood" I discovered online.  All the beautiful pictures of people’s knits (and other crafts for that matter) is what gets me excited to do my own.  Speaking of…


Beautiful Birch.  I’m on my last ball of yarn and there must be at least 100 stitches still on my needles.  I’m not so sure it’s going to make it to it’s last leaf! I’m not however going out to get that security ball because perhaps some sort of miracle will happen.


The pre-blocked birch reminds me of  the surface of water.  When you hold Kid Silk Haze to the light the silk in it gives off the hint of a shimmery glow. I want to swim in the leaves…

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