Did I say downhill?

I meant plateau.

I don’t know what it is.  I thought starting out with 299 stitches and ending with 3 would make the process seem so much faster.  That I would be a breezin’ my way to the bind off.  Perhaps it’s because I have this distinct fear that this final 3rd ball just isn’t enough. Or perhaps it’s just not finishing fast enough for me.  The other thing could be that I just haven’t been knitting a lot lately.   Or I have and just feel like I’m not getting anywhere…. dude, I need a sign I’m almost done… these 10 decreases per pattern repeat aren’t doing it for me!

Despite all my whining it is coming out beautiful, more beautiful than I could have imagined.  And to top that off I gave it the Teenager Test.  I went on a trip with a group of high school girls this weekend to North Carolina.  We traveled together in a nice luxury liner bus for 9 hours. (yes, that’s 18 hrs. total with a group of 15 to 17 year olds… yes I am OK.) There was plenty of time to knit and so I whipped lovely Birch out.  No more than 2 seconds in the public view was there a girl yelling out from the back of the bus, "Yo, Ms. P, what’s that in your hands?"  I proudly showed them my "plateau" Birch and instead of giving me that teenage indifference or laugh the girls actually were impressed and "oohed and ahhhed" when I gave them a preview. 

I am triumphant!!  I am 25 years old and work at an all-girls catholic HS.  There’s a short time before I will be seen as "totally un-cool" and not a hip Twenty Something – so I was pretty happy at the fact that they’re still considering me on the very Cool side with my beautiful knitting.  But let’s be honest – I got some style **cough**, I would never be caught knitting with Fun Fur. Ewe.  Sorry I am such a yarn snob in that respect.  I am still eager to finish birch and with just a few more repeats I’m sure the rest will be cake… I’m just in a stalemate right now.

As far as my other "obsessions"… just received some sewing books and have to schedule time with my mom to get her to teach me how to make the Singer purr.  I’m all about log cabins and am eager to grab some fabric at Purl Patchwork once I get the chance.  I am thinking a pillow as a first project… Nice and SIMPLE.

Beyond that I am a week away from saying Bye-Bye to my job for a month and a half.  Vacaciones here I come!

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