Nina Simone knew what she was singing about

Birds flying high, you know how I feel
Sun in the Sky, you know how I feel
Breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel
It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life for me.
It’s a new world for me
And I’m feeling Good.

The rain waters have receded and the sun is out.  I have just awaken from an afternoon nap, refreshed and as I blink my eyes to get them back to focus I realize a wonderful beautiful fact: I am off from my job until August. My job doesn’t pay very much, actually I suspect I’m the lowest paid out of all my girlfriends but the bonus of my time off is gold.

There are many jobs that allow for nice long stretches of time off.  Us school teachers/administrators thank God everyday for these hours not in the class room.  Sure what we do brings education to the masses, but we share the same sentiments with parents who are just as thankful to Send Their Kids to school. There’s only so much you can take of 14 to 17 year olds.  They have the power to Drain you of Every Particle of Energy you have.

Although I know I will try to stop the clock with my fingers like Evie from Out of This World, it’s going to go so fast that before I know it I’ll be powering back up my PC and practicing my school presentations ready to recruit a new set of would-be Angels.

Until then, my time will be used for the betterment of Life as we know it.  In other words: I will just make sure I don’t sleep in too many mornings.  I have a bridal shower to plan, plus a British brother to visit, and a LBI beach house to occupy for a week.  In between, middle and end of all that I have my knitting.

I am piss poor broke these days so there’s no more buying yarn the way I would like to.  Having Cara just flashing her Log Cabin this way and that it’s got me thinking.  I know I wouldn’t have the patience for a blanket this summer, but what about a nice tote bag?? I could make two unique front and backs as well as line it with cute fabric in the middle with a log cabin pocket stitched in.  I need to sketch it out… but that is calling me.

I also have tons of yarns with no place to go.


Calmer which is waiting for a NBTS.
Some nice fine yarn Oro for Eunny’s Print o’ the Wave Stole.
Sundara’s Red Silk, still trying to find a pattern to go with it
Socks that Rock, you know what I’ll be doing with those, but not in the sock mood right now

I am in the "Almost Done" stages of Birch.  I’m searching the internets for anyone else who’s come across my plateau problem, but I’m beginning to think it’s in my head rather than on the stitches.  Maybe I’m just getting bored.  I’ve memorized the pattern and every other row is purl.  Yaaaawn.  It’s beautiful though so it is pullling me through.  But I cannot wait to be done!!!

Speaking of Cara – go over there and donate to Heifer International!! We’re almost to the goal and the best part is that the prizes haven’t been given out you.  Give a cow. Or a chicken.  Or a bee!  That can be your "make the world a better place" thing for the day.

One thought on “Nina Simone knew what she was singing about

  1. JulieFrick says:

    OH. My. God. Do you know I had an entire post planned around that Nina Simone song??? With photos to go with each line? You beat me to it! And the really odd thing is that I listened to that song as I drove away from the house this morning at five a.m. to get to this knitting conference. This is such an amazing coincidence!


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